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Evernote for Android Requests (Versions 8.13.3 and under)

Let us know what you think about Evernote Android--discuss feature and design feedback here. (How to find your version number)

Our Product Feedback forums are places to suggest great ideas on improving Evernote. It could be a little idea or a very big idea. Like someone else's idea? Vote on the idea, or provide a comment of your own. One thing to remember: popularity does not mean implementation. Our forums are one component of the decisions we make, and while a bunch of ideas have merit, we need to be selective and always balancing priorities. 

816 ideas in this forum

  1. Request - Screen Timeout Options

    36 votes
    33 replies
  2. Disable auto format

    33 votes
    35 replies
  3. 62 votes
    53 replies
  4. 17 votes
    93 replies
  5. 27 votes
    44 replies
  6. 27 votes
    28 replies
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