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  2. Not at all! I have a template that I use frequently for a vehicle log. Setting aside the fact that you probably can't put a spreadsheet into a template anyway, all I want it to do is subtract start mileage from finish mileage and show the answer - elegant simplicity rather than complicated mathematics - add, subtract, multiply, divide is all that's needed. This idea was mooted over four years ago and has received widespread support, it's a shame that Evernote has not been more proactive on this matter.
  3. Same issue. Thanks for explaining that it’s written in white on white background. This should be a very easy and fast fix, Evernote? Simply change font colour and update. Very awkward. For others, tap at top right for save (just below battery icon in my screenshot) and top left for cancel (just below I’ve ‘Ice’ in my screenshot). Buttons are there bjt invisible. To be clear, this relates to when scanning a document then SEND >SHARE > Save to Files which is a VERY useful send option.
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  5. Building released software for a multi-platform app with a 9 digit user base is a little bit more challenging than setting ones website to whatever width. EN is a note taking app - when I just look at the issues mentioned here in the forum in the last couple of weeks, page width would not even be on my backlog. And I think they have their own development agenda as well.
  6. I see myself frustrated by inaction by Evernote developers when anyone I work with could resolve the issue in ten minutes. Greetings.
  7. I don't have this issue but if I did I'd completely uninstall AND delete the data and program directories to ensure nothing is left lurking. Then install the current version.
  8. The forum is user to user. To get contact with support, you can issue a ticket. Probably the same place as in the iOS client: Settings (Little gear wheel) , Support, Issue support ticket (Last menu item). Make sure to attach the activity log (little slider).
  9. Most users don't have v10.10 but I only have the Gboard interoperability issue in 10.9 and I'm hoping that will be fixed in 10.10 as you reported...
  10. If your table needs calculations it has probably gone beyond a simple table in a note. Just attach a spreadsheet file or a link to a Google sheet.
  11. I'm not entirely sure why it is so important to open the webclipper with a right click. The webclipper icon works well for me or you can use the keyboard shortcut (back tick ` by default but can be changed).
  12. I had always used the right-click context menu on a webpage in Chrome to save to Evernote. If user goes that way they don't have the option to select the notebook for saving. Perhaps because of many icons on Chrome or not enough investigation by user, they may not know about the ability to open Web Clipper from the icon up top on Chrome. I would suggest adding the option to open the Web Clipper on the right-click context menu to make it easy for people that may have this problem. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the replies, people. As I read Pink's "Usually in web clipper" and saw Mike P's screenshot I thought "Where the heck is this??" Through further inspection I see that I have always used right-click menu on webpage and it gives me this, where there are no options: So, I will amend my request to: Add the option "Open Web Clipper" as the first option on Evernote's webpage right-click context menu, above the "Clip Bookmark", "Clip Screenshot" and "Clip full page". Thanks.
  14. If this isn't where I report bugs, please direct me to the correct location. Thanks.
  15. How silly.....share works in legacy version.......so if apple want to nudge people as you put it ( how is the tin foil hat by the way?) then why haven't they broken it in that version? Evernote needs to fix this stupidity.
  16. Simpliar to the bug I just reported. Might be the same cause.
  17. Hi Team. I frequently add files, pdf's, and others to evernote via the share link on the android. It seems that now, many times (I want to say every time) I open the android app it asks me to accept the file, again, and again, and again. The attached image is of one file that has added itself three times tonight so far. This is a common bug in my use. Please tell me what I am doing wrong, or add it to the V10 bug log. Thanks.
  18. seems like an easy enough feature to add which will make life much easier
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  20. Another thanks to Alxa from an exclusively android app user (and paying subscriber.) The v.10.9 update was the last straw after months of barely limping along. With 10.9, newly added photos aren't retained and disappear from both new or edited notes (possibly the trade-off for existing photos now rendering consistently?) Plus the slowdown is worse and crashes more frequent. Opening support tickets hasn't been fruitful yet so decided to roll back for a while. Within moments of coming to the forum, I found Alxa's post with the v.8.13.3 apk... thank you! P.S. I was relieved t
  21. Download Legacy from https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote It can run side by side with v10
  22. Some months ago, a major change in the Evernote Windows client was introduced, I think based in Electron. I tried it, considered it a productivity setback, and re-installed the old Windows native version. Now I want to install the Electron version to check if it added the features that I consider key to my productivity. But I'm afraid that if I install the newer version, it will overwrite the legacy Windows version and will lose the possibility of going back. Is it possible to download from somewhere the Evernote Windows native version before they changed Evernote to the Electro
  23. In some of my notebooks, whenever I save a note, it creates another copy of that note. I'm afraid to delete the extra copies, because I'm afraid it might delete both of them and I'll loose all of the work I've done there
  24. I didn't yet make the transition to the Electron version of Evernote. My main barrier to adopt the latest version is that while performing searches, labels are not filtered. For example, I search first for notes with the label "Restaurant" and I get a list of notes with the "Restaurant" tag assigned. Then, I want to refine the search with additional labels. I expect to get in the list of available tags to select only the tags that have common notes with the first selected tag ("Restaurant"). For example: "Japanese", "Mexican", "Indian", ... Instead, I can select all the oth
  25. Just wondering what problems remain with V10? Since I got the update to 10.10 I haven't encountered a single bug.
  26. I am missing share as well 😞 I just tried this alternate and it works fine albeit a little slow to see the note arrive in my desktop app. For me this is better than running 2 versions of Evernot, which I am not sure my brain could handle! Thanks to both @jmshrrsn and to @PinkElephantfor suggesting alternatives while we wait for the share functionality in macOS to come back.
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