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  2. sure, and that's how tags should be. There's the problem, though, they've shoe-horned a partially hierarchical system into tags when really notebooks are more suited. So they have a half hierarchical notebook system - only two levels - and a half-hierarchical tag system, neither of which provide much of why anyone would need a tree structure for thier notes. It's like nearly everything in Evernote; done in the most unhelpful possible way.
  3. Up to now I have never lost a note due to syncing issues, and no note content. If I know my internet connection will be weak (like it is on the train), as a precaution I stop syncing at all and postpone it until the connection is stronger. The only reason I can imagine is that deleting the app caused the trouble. iOS is sensitive to that because it treats memory for data as part of the individual app, not as part of a global shared memory space. Maybe the notes had synced, but the attached pictures (which are much larger than the notes itself) were still under way. iOS is know to cut background activities of apps off shortly after the app is closed. So if the app was deleted, the data still waiting for the next sync probably got axed as well. Conclusion: make sure everything is on the server before you / do not delete an app.
  4. This is related to the Google Authentication issues. We are final stages of releasing a fix. Please stay tuned. 😃 Areas affected: logging in using Google (Sign-In and Create New User) attaching files from Google Drive clicking links to Google Drive contacts lists in Share Note and Work Chat Recipients and other places using contacts.
  5. Confirmed - Unique names is a restriction Evernote applies to Notebooks/Tags Personally, it works for me; for example I assign notebook/tag "Insurance" to a note without caring about it's place in the tree
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  7. tags have to be uniquely named. So I can't have 2 nodes both with, say, a notes tag undereneath. Why wouldn't I want to have identically named nodes in several places in my note structure? I know there are naming workarounds but they're just that, workarounds. It's kludgy and I don't want to have to deal with it. consider this structure: aaa bbb ccc If I select tag 'aaa'in the sidebar it only shows notes contained in 'aaa'. It should show notes in the child tags The full path of any given tag doesn't show in the note header. This doesn't seem like a problem now but it is if non-unique tag names are allowed. Why can't I create and rearrange notebooks and tags by D&D in the sidebar. Who would anyone miss that out?
  8. Looking at the clipboard for both links, I see (the private browser link) When pasted into the note, this url is converted and inserted as evernote:///view/1156250/s10/77b43c1e-bdf9-4c40-9388-c51721e35812/6284dc7a-93ca-4df2-9918-e286a6df39c3 (the in-app link) This link is working fine for me in both the web and mac clients
  9. I haven't been getting notifications for my post. Thanks. I tried using the Reminders list in Snippet view before as a pinned note workaround, but it wasn't working the way I needed it to. I set new reminders daily and list is long. It might be the best option though.
  10. The sad part is that I was going to take the 40% off deal to upgrade. Now I don’t think this is reliable. Every time I put files In notes I’m goin to have to check on the server (evernote.com) , to double check if the files were uploaded. that’s not convenient.
  11. I looked there, but it’s the same, he notes are there and I see squares in the notes, where the pictures are supposed to be.
  12. They’re not int the trash, the notes are actually where they are supposed to be, but they are empty, they don't have the pictures.
  13. It's nice for the back-end storage team to get their time in the limelight (and kudos to them for a successful storage migration last year). That said, I was left wanting... more. I was hoping Ian would touch on the current state of beta testing, or what is coming next for the back-end engineering team now that the storage migration was done, etc. Something to look forward to while I (im)patiently wait to be invited to beta test the redesigned applications.
  14. Please add more detail Issues I have - Notebook hierarchy is 1 level (poorly implemented, half baked) - Unable to access tag hierarchy on my iPad I understand this will be resolved shortly Screenshot is from my Mac showing the notebook/tag trees in the sidebar
  15. HIerarchical tags are poorly implimented, half baked.
  16. This sounds like the problem that happens when your Evernote password is identical to a password used for other services, and is stolen from one of the other services. This has been reported a number of times. The solution, of course, is to change the password to something unique to your Evernote account.
  17. Agreed that this is needed. Where I work I am unable to access my notebooks on my work PC due to compliance so I can only edit and update from my phone. It is a lot of redundant work to have to do this after hours when it is something that I am purposely tracking during the day as events happen.
  18. This request has over 400 user votes however there's a skeuomorphism problem; they want an organization hierarchy and it must be called Notebooks, no other name is acceptable Evernote has taken the organization hierarchy seriously - this was implemented long ago with the Tag feature
  19. What Web browser are you using? Using Opera, I find that I can in fact print out all pages of a note in the Web beta. Printing is really a browser function with the Web interface, not an Evernote function. But of course Evernote must interact properly with the browser, and perhaps the issue lies there.
  20. The master data on the server can be viewed with the web platform at www.evernote.com
  21. You could try contacting Evernote support via Twitter - @EVernoteHelps -we're a (mainly) user-supported forum, so don't have any access to other users' accounts or storage. If the notes no longer exist though, there may be nothing left to recover. Have you looked in the Trash notebook?
  22. The switching costs of going to another application are too high. I just tried Nimbus Note, which does a fair job. But the things that Evernote has in my workflow just aren't worth switching to another app. Therefore it's very much a circumstance lock-in. In which case, until Ian leads the development to make numerous sub-folders in stacks, I'll stay with Evernote. At which point hell might freeze over. Here are a three points where I'm confident Evernote creates value above the competition: Encrypting text OCR and Screencapture Integration into OSx
  23. It would be very useful to be able to insert images into a table that turn into a small thumbnail, but can be expanded into a larger image when clicked on and the thumbnail size can be edited by holding the image. Whenever I try to insert an image using the camera feature into a table now, it preserves the original resolution, which causes the row to be overstretched and the image to be cut off by the column width, which can't be edited by simply dragging the edge. This makes the note way longer than it needs to be. We have a crew at my company that would utilize this feature because they often need to enter in a table of information and include an image at the end, but the table is an eyesore to review or send to a client in its current format.
  24. As my account was apparently on shard 1, access to the VIP area at the cocktail party was a nice touch - thanks.
  25. When I create a link to another note with the "Copy internal link" feature in the Web-Client this link only works in the Web-Client but not in the Mac Desktop Client. When I create the link to the same note in the Mac Client it works in both clients. Looking into the link addresses for the two links reveals that they are identical. What could be the reason?
  26. Maybe the evernote staff can help retrieve them?
  27. I uninstalled the app from my ipad. But I did that long after the uploading green arrows disappeared.
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