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  2. I thought that CalS was on to something. There is a setting on Mac, but it didn't do anything
  3. I thought as well there was an option. But because I use both clients, maybe it was on the Windows version. Both client has its their own history, so for me it is using on which machine I am in that moment. Can create a confusion when it comes to the finer options.
  4. This topic seems to be more like a feature request. Moving to an appropriate feature request forum (I think that General is best, since it applies to all Evernote applications, as far as I can tell (though the workaround is a Windows-only thingy). Go ahead and upvote; I'll join you... @hanseric, if you want to change the title to more reflect that it's a request rather than a how-doI?, that would be great.
  5. Which format does the handwritten stuff have ? EN will only OCR certain picture formats. It is JPG, PNG and GIF. Text in PDFs will not be OCRed. I take my handwritten notes with GoodNotes 5. It does its own OCR of handwriting. When exporting to EN as PDF, the search index can be exported with the notes. In this case they are searchable.
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  7. Anything usual before ( update, logging out etc.) ? Does it log in through the web browser to the web client (does not count as a device, so you can try) ?
  8. I'm using a Mac and screenshot >clipboard. It's easy to paste into the note
  9. Which platform? Windows Mac IOS Android Browser
  10. And New ( Evernote Web 5.30.0) / Previous (no version number) are the terms that appear when I access the web version. I think Previous is the new classic post the old classic. I'm sure that helps clear things up.
  11. I've never signed up for the limited-access beta program, so I'm assuming this is just rolling out to certain browsers, maybe on certain platforms. It just showed up like a puppy on Christmas.
  12. We have seen politicians in the U.S. do this very well, at the level of states (most states) and cities. My children live in California and New Mexico, where the political leaders have done well, although of course there is still a great deal of suffering and difficulty. At the federal level, on the other hand, the very highest level of "leadership" has been pretty much exactly the opposite of what you say. This is indeed the worst type of circumstance. In the U.S., the very first major outbreak was in such a home, in the Western state of Washington, where travel to and from China is common. It gave all of us a stark view of what could happen. The most tragic thing, I think, is that people who die in senior care homes and in hospitals are isolated from their families, who of course are not allowed to see them. It is dreadful for all concerned. Well, the steady march away from the topic continues! If anyone else does actually experience this, please do post here!
  13. Just pullin' the numbers out the web app. But remember that there's a public beta that uses the new Large Header/Small header... stuff, and the classinc one that doesn't, but there's also the limited access beta, that I didn't get into in time (I guess). Maybe that's the one being referred to here. But in which case, the post should probably have gone here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/640-new-search-experience-currently-web-only/ I share your confusion...
  14. @Husky Logic Thank you for reaching out! I'll message you via DM to get more information.
  15. May not have anything to do with it, but there is an option on Windows to create new notes in a new window. Is there such an option on the Mac? Again probably not related, just spitballing.
  16. Same for me. The documents are searchable in the MacOS app but neither on the iPhone nor in the iPad version. Any feedback or updates on this? ...otherwise I'd like to get my money back for my premium account 😕
  17. I should not be forced to see ~20 notebooks shared by someone that no longer uses the service. The notes are hidden from the interface because I deleted them, but the shared notebooks still appear in the web clipper. This is a minor annoyance for me. Hey Evernote devs, we need to be able to force unsharing of a notebook from the receiving side.
  18. This is not an iX500 setting because it is an Evernote popup. This is an Evernote issue. There are so many (horrible) differences between the Mac and Windows versions that I dread using Evernote on my Mac.
  19. Scanning works the same with me (Catalina, 7.14), and it pops new Scans open just the same. Sorry, have not found a way to avoid this, not in the ix500s Settings, and not in EN. Maybe I just overlooked an option ...
  20. It works fine on my iPhone.
  21. Well, maybe we were just lucky. Our first contact with the virus was back in January. A automotive supplier had a coworker from China flown in for a training. She was from Shanghai, but had her parents visiting her before - from Wuhan. She did not know she was infected, no blame here. She infected 4 colleagues while in meeting, these infected 12 others. Luckily this outbreak was contained by authorities (followIng up on appr. 200 contacts, quarantine, the things) - and we learned something about how it happens, how it spreads etc. All subsequent outbreaks were contained until - carnival ! In a county in the Rhineland area a well connected businessman already felt ill (but did not think it was Corona, he thought it was a flu), and functioned as a superspreader during carnival sessions. The whole county is still under quarantine. At the same time, many (mostly young) people went skiing in the Alp mountains. There many contacted the virus, ant took it home. This really started things off. But because this group was pretty young, fatal outcome was rare. We are now in social lockdown, and still things happen. We had an outbreak in a senior citizen residence (most of them with dementia) - 25% died. Very sad ! Luckily until now, testing is running on a very high level, authorities are still are able to follow up on many cases and the health system is running with reserves to treat severe cases (we were even able to fly in some from Italy, France and Spain). The replication period is rising, being at nearly 10 days today. When 14 days are reached, the inflow of new cases are balanced by patients recovering, which means the health system runs below a critical case load. Still when patients get older in average, fatal outcome will rise. We have to praise our politicians that put distress aside, communicate clearly and coherently and think ahead, with very good scientifical advise. So there is hope we are spared a worse development, which inadvertently happens when the case load overwhelms the medical system. Thank you for your feed back. I believe that a society of individuals can collaborate as good as one used to central control, it just sometimes takes a little more time to get the message through. Wish you all, and you personally luck and a good handling of this crisis. Maybe this was slightly off topic - and no back to work for me, since the day is nearly over here.
  22. They also posted near-identical topics on the not receiving text messages, so no need for them to start any more new threads on the problem. Oh, and I merged them already .
  23. It was a pretty half-baked guess and I didn't take time to elaborate. In my world (Win32 application, processing 3D view shortcut commands, as opposed to text processing), for something like Ctrl+Shift+W, we get an uppercase 'W', and we check the states of the Ctrl and Shift keys to see whether they're up or down (both down, in this case). I we needed to distinguish between Shift+W and 'w' with Caps Lock on, we'd have to test the Caps Lock state as well. So it's up to the handler to decide in straight up Win32 programming. Not how things play out in the web keystroke handling, though. BTW, my web version is "Evernote Web v5.30.0"; this is the normal user's beta web version (which is the same as the "classic editor"'s version). Is 6.8.0 the beta program's version?
  24. After years of using Evernote I get this msg every time I try to log in on my MacBook Pro, and it never actually logs me in “This may take longer than usual the first time you log in.”
  25. when the webp extension is supported? Many images are not saved in the notes using Evernote Clipper. important notes for what I need evernote
  26. You're tacking this on to a thread that's a year old and on a different topic. Please start a separate thread for this problem in order to get more useful advice. Thanks!
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