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  2. My return time for tickets was between 2 and 3 days in the last weeks. Try to make it clear in the title of the ticket whether you need urgent assistance, or have a general support issue. When the automatic answer comes, check the proposals. If they don’t fit your request, make sure to give a short answer telling „No, I still need your help“. If you don’t react to this initial response, the ticket system probably believes you got what you needed, and downgrades the ticket in the queue.
  3. Your requests are reasonable, only nobody can tell when these issues will be solved. I fI were you, I would go back to the legacy client and observe the releases to come. If you want some functions that come with v10, you can even install and run both, one for the current workflow, the other for functions yet not implemented. The downside is you double the local data base, so you need the space on your main drive to do it.
  4. Hopefully everybody is a power user in his own right. Even somebody who restricts himself to only a few functions is a power user, maybe even more so because he has focus instead of toying around. For me we should not construct a confrontation between paying and non paying users. Every student who starts with EN is welcome to the community, even if maybe he will not contribute in the first years of use. Every Premium user who downgrades and uses EN as his lifetime archive is welcome as well. This is to the forum, and in general. If one needs „power functions“, there is money to be paid, a
  5. I guess that you need to connect VPN first then to login to evernote.
  6. When capturing a selection of the screen, the Helper Window doesn't recede or move out of the way.
  7. Trying to change the sort options from "Date Updated" but seems stuck on this setting. Also trying to change the view options from "Snippets" but seems stuck on this setting. Works ok on the web client in chrome. Any ideas?
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  9. You're correct in that before v10 the exb file contained all your notes. After v10 when local notes are no longer supported however... I don't know. It is was possible to extract notes from an exb file a couple of years ago - see https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/99531-importing-notes-from-exb/ You could (according to that in 2016) extract notes from exb into an enex file and -maybe- find your lost note there. I'm a little confused - we now seem to be talking about a local note, which would have to be stored in a local (unsynced) notebook. Reading back over this threa
  10. Hi. https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/
  11. I have the same issue with hyperlinks. It is so irritating that I've stopped using the new EN and installed the legacy EN version 6.25
  12. Confirmed; Applescript integration is pending for version 10 Applescript is important to my workflow; which is the reason I use the Evernote Legacy version
  13. Evernote 10 on MacBook ..... Safari Trying to use Web clipper in Safari to clip a webpage consisting of a PDF generates below error. Clipping normal HTML pages works ok. Work around is to print to Evernote ( as PDF) Anyone else experiencing this?
  14. I have been an Evernote user for over nearly 6 years using the Mac ecosystem from iPhone to iMac and have been very pleased. I scan a lot and use an Epson Scanner (FF-680W) using its ScanSmart software. I also have a folder on my iMac/MacBook Pro which has an action associated with it so that any files I drop in there will automatically be moved into my Evernote application. I also have a script to move attachments received in emails direct to Evernote. Move forward to my upgrade to the latest 10.7.1 desktop app and Epson ScanSmart can no longer send scans to Evernote and my wonderful fol
  15. Dear @Ian Small, we didn't got to see a video of the Behind the Scenes series since a while. Now that EN 10 is out in the wild and interrupting many users' processes, would it be possible to get a glimpse on what your UX and QA processes look like? Here are some of the questions I would be interested to get an answer on: What kind of UX methods have you used previous to building EN 10 in order to get to know what users need and how they are using the application? What does testing look like? Do you have automated regression tests in place for every feature written in the new codeba
  16. I understand the pressure on the developers team but please do not underestimate the pressure we users undergo everyday on our work A few critical examples: - Properly merging notes and generating a single pdf leveraging EN has been saving me bags of time for years when it comes to deliver press-clipping reports for example. In the absence of user preferences, I can't select the proper settings when merging, nor properly select the information I need on the header of the destination pdf file. Source URLs get lost in many cases whe merging, despite the fact they were included as prope
  17. On the specific note I had the problem with, I made changes to an existing note. I don’t know if I navigated away and then back to it during that time as I’m always full on busy. When I returned to the note later (not much later) the edits had gone and had not been applied to any other device. Evernote is nearly always sitting in the background as I use it so frequently each day. This leads me to the conclusion that the error is as @wbutchart above has identified. It only happened after moving to Evernote 10. Apparently Evernote have been informed of this some time ago, so it is not “news” to
  18. I've had some success in fixing this by signing out of the mac client and when prompted, selecting 'remove data from device'. Then signing back in again it seems to have started syncing again.... 🤞
  19. Thanks for the suggestions - appreciated. I'm currently trying DevonThink, Apple Notes, and Notion. But today I came across one I'd not heard of, and it looks very promising. It's called Notejoy. It does do offline notes on the Mac and Windows, but not yet on mobile devices (I need them there too) - but that is coming. Of the ones I'm trying, so far, Notejoy is looking the most appealing. https://notejoy.com/ and https://notejoy.com/features
  20. Thank you Alxa! You took the words right out of my mouth. This is exactly what I meant.
  21. How do i download notes for offline use. I have tried different. methods and keep restarting phone and app, I have tried syncing one notebook at a time and some have succesfully downloaded , however some just sit for hours and days and nothing downloads, even a notebook with 1 note. Does offline notebooks work or not?
  22. Same exact problem. This is some old-school core-function QA fail bullshit that used to happen 7 years ago. How was this not tested before releasing a prettified update?? THIS is why Evernote is losing customers and market share. If a UI update brings down basic synching functions, I don't even know where to start explaining how not OK and not sustainable EN's priorities are. This instability basically makes ios Evernote unusable until a fix is released. Why would i create any notes on my phone knowing they can disappear because of a randomly occurring synch fail over which I have no con
  23. Same issue on Android and Windows, by the way. I've been using Evernote for classes for years. This never happened before. It's happening on my Android phone, Android tablet and on my iPad. When I edit a note by adding a picture or adding text to an existing picture and hit "DONE", it says it failed to save note. In fact, it's not just that the added text wasn't saved, they also deleted the picture I was adding text to. On Windows I had a worse incident. I lost my notes for a class I was doing in real time, with the students watching. I exited the note and when I returned to open it, it was go
  24. Annoying bug. +1 to remove this stu**d jumping page. I know where I'm going. You don't have to warn me for the links in my own notes.
  25. Ctrl+Alt+N works fine on my Windows 10 PC. Try after installing EN Legacy Version (6.25). It sync with EN new version. I also use Win+N to open a new OneNote
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