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  2. Just tested 7.9 Beta 2, it doesn't fix the problem.
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  4. give Note Shelf 2 a try if auto sync to Evernote is important to you - as it is for me, works very well. Note Shelf creates a Note in EN and all pages are sent as images automatically. You can Tag the notes, set reminders, even move to a different Notebook, no problem - Sync still works.
  5. I use a Table with one cell and put the image into that Table cell - works better than just put the image into the note
  6. Atls - still not back 😞 IdeaPlaces as a workaround could help, btw
  7. I too would like a feature that would eliminate duplicates. I can't find anywhere in the discussion groups where the company has fixed this, although I have found several people requesting it.
  8. I have v7.7 on my home mac mini, and there is no problem with copy/paste into terminal. So you may try delete the app and install v7.7. Also, check this out. I will test it on Tuesday. a
  9. If Windows, you can turn on On Demand Sync on your work machine and keep the complete data base on your home machine.
  10. Got me. I now either download from the website or make a copy before starting the install. IAC, the file disappears in my AutoUpdate folder. 🤷‍♂️
  11. This is a "one-time-ad" 🙂 Missing a German Group here we had since years a non-official Googe+ support community for Evernote. Google shuts down its service so we searched for a new home - just started a classic forum with this link: https://digital-cleaning.de/forum/ You're welcome if you like to discuss all Evernote themes in German.
  12. Hi all, For a while now, Web Clipper Version: 6.13.2 (3283464/ for Firefox on Mac will not acccept the forward slash character "/" when entering tags. Web Clipper for Chrome and Safari allow it. Because my tags are set up hierarchically using the "/" to facilitate better browsing, I cannot tag clippings.
  13. yes, adding a row on iPhone would be cool. In the iPad I just use zhe Tab key - but there is no on iPhone keyboard :-(
  14. Hmm, that's evidently not what I'm experiencing. I do take care to copy them to another folder, but I don't see why that would keep them in AutoUpdate. Perhaps there is something in the manner of doing an update? A "download" vs. just "install" option?
  15. MY DB is 39GB now - I am in big trouble on my worklaptop wit SSD. I have to get a solution now....! I need to remove my main account now from this device with big troubles. Paying so much money year over year and now this year much more again.... good solved on iphone, so it is POSSIBLE to DO and such a standard feature isnt available since years..., big joke!
  16. Hmmn. NAPS2 looked interesting, so I installed it - turns out the WIA / TWAIN compatibility it looks for in scanners is not part of the ScanSnap DNA, so it won't talk to my S1500 - although it recognises my MF printer and the device camera. I did import a bunch of S1500 scanned PDFs into NAPS2 but then couldn't find a way to OCR them after the event, so it doesn't look like I can use this software for much... 🙁
  17. Stacks are working for me A screenshot is attached from my Mac showing existing stacks, and a notebook selected for Stack processing
  18. Hi. I can confirm that landscape works fine - except when I switch to Dark Mode, when the camera won't load at all... I got Camera Error - try restarting your device. Did that, and I can take a picture.. but it doesn't appear as a note. Looks like something in Dark Theme breaks the camera. I'll report it to Support so they can look into it a find a fix. Ticket #2778255 applies - if you have camera issues with a recent Evernote for Android version, please submit your reports by email (subscribers) or Twitter (anyone).
  19. Stacks has utterly disappeared as a function, nowhere to be found in Version 7.8 (457454 App Store) Editor: 62.1.7539 (b406110) (whatever that last bit means...) of Evernote Desktop Application for Mac. ABsolutely disappeared. It would be best if Evernote Co simply said so! HGH
  20. Seems that this only happens when using the Dark Theme. What's happening Evernote?
  21. As the title. If I take a photo landscape (horizontal), then it won't be there when I go to the note after clicking Save. Is this a known issue? How can I resolve it?
  22. I add my voice to the general request: Make Note Title Size adjustable! The Desktop versions (I use Mac) should have this. It is ridiculously small. Otherwise Evernote co is pushing us to the Web versions which can be size controled. HGH
  23. I agree, the Note Title Size is problematic: why is not adjustable? HGH
  24. The app is really great but I experienced the same issue many many times now. Of course, after you scanned the picture, you can modify it and restore the original color. BUT, the app should scan in a quick and effective way, right? The current solution needs 3 clicks FOR EVERY scan (that means... 1) click on picture you just scanned 2) click settings 3) click restore. Way too long! So for each scan I do, I have to do this over and over again. Not really effective but time-consuming! ☹️ So let's say, when you scan pictures/documents that have e.g. light grey color in it, you can barely see it after the enhancement is made. Other examples are pictures as described before where you want to have the original color. My suggestion is as follows. You should enable a function under "Settings" with the name "Color enhancement" where there are 3 options to choose from: 1) Default (= Scannable default enhancement) 2) None (= Keep original color) 3) Individual (= Create your own "enhancement profile", e.g. brightness 30% and contrast 40% --> no more settings needed I guess) This way you can always choose what fits best. Plus, it's really effective since you can set your preferred "color enhancement" setting as default. How does that sound? 😃 p.s.: Please make sure to vote when you like this feature (click on the arrow on the upper corner in the left) , otherwise, it doesn't get much attention, thx 😉
  25. Up to my knowledge encryption in pdf is a document feature. Unless you take my 10-finger-typing as an encryption method. 😎
  26. Same problem here... I noticed it a few weeks back.
  27. The feature I am talking about is by changing: Title name = #1 + Name Title name = #2 + Name to: Title name = Name (Own section). Number order = Number (Own section, and be able to click it to arrange the order when in Ctrl+F8). I use Tags other way, with other content only. So I would like a specific Number Section Bar only to number the arranging of the notes. I can't change the Tag order too, and it would difficult the searches of the Searching bar feature.
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