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  2. EN used to have a pretty one sided relation between paid accounts and free users. I remember something like 1 paid account to 8 free ones. First I think it is a positive strategy to extend and improve what you get when using EN in general, including the free plan. 2nd if they can only convince 1 out of 8 free users that it is worth (!) subscribing, it would double the subscription base. This can do more for the economical perspective than raising the premium price to generate some percent of additional income - and risking to loose some of them while doing so.
  3. Agreed! One way to do this now is with the existing notebook hierarchy. You could give a big project its own notebook filled with notes for each higher-level task in the project. And then each note task could be filled with all the subtasks needed to complete that. If you have a lot of projects like that, you could even use notebook stacks to organize those. All that being said, I agree that native nested tasks would be better in some situations.
  4. Yes! Recurring tasks would be great! I also love @PinkElephant's option for tasks that recur a set period (number of days/weeks/months/years) after they were marked complete. There are lots of tasks like changing my HVAC/water filters, seeing a dentist, getting my hair cut, or or mowing the lawn where I might be very late in doing them, but that resets the clock so they don't need to be done again until X time after I did them rather than X time after I was last scheduled to do so. Other tasks like taxes or winterizing my house have fixed dates which should not be extended just because I was late on year.
  5. This was a big concern for me as well. As a premium user already, I'd be pissed if I spent the effort to move to this tasks system and then they told me I had to pay even more to keep using them. I'm sure there would be a huge backlash, but I've seen companies do even dumber things in the past. The good news is that they've clarified things a bit: It sounds like they are mostly reserving the right to hold back some features from free users. I wish they would be more clear about the "eligible subscription plan" and say flat-out that premium users will get all task features. But for now I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and then raise hell later if they try to introduce a "more premium" plan!
  6. When you go up in the thread, you find this: If you're looking for the database locationit's been moved to Option-Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder After reinstalling the client, your data will be in the same general folder as before, just the detailed location (a cryptic folder name) will differ. You should now be able to locate the old folder in TM - it will be in the same general path, but another (cryptic) file name. The data is below it in a folder structure. You can manually (sort by date) view if there are changes after the date your client last synced with the server.
  7. I just discovered that the "bug" which did not preserve changes made to attachments which were made with an external editor (for example, changes made to a docx by opening it in Word would not be saved to the attachment, but, rather, a new file saved externally from Evernote) has been fixed! Thank you Evernote!!!! This is the single-most important feature in allowing me to use Evernote as a virtual replacement for the file system on my computer.
  8. You might have searched the forum to find this: disable „save data on logout“ in settings log out of your EN account quit the app (not only close it, really quit) restart the app log in, wait the initial sync to execute The enlarged button should be gone.
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  10. I have read all of this thoroughly, and a few other threads, though this seems the most promising. I'm not adept with tech so a thorough read doesn't mean I didn't miss the answer - so potential apologies in advance. In the course of trying to upgrade to Big Sur my machine crashed and I had to do a clean install. Luckily I had Time Machined immediately before my attempt. When I completed re-setting my system, I logged on to Evernote, which I've been using since around 2010 I believe, and discovered that a large number of "recent" notes were "missing." Most were not, so I assume this means that at some point EN stopped syncing files and storing them on their servers, or I opted out of a paid membership or something, I have no recollection. I would very much like these recent notes, so attempted to follow the "recent" directions above: however in my Time Machine backup the folders listed above don't exist. I checked thoroughly under Library/Application Support and Library/Containers and Library/GroupContainers, in both the main system library AND user/<username>/Library. I appreciate I may be missing something simple here, but if anyone can help me find the data for the notes I had on my machine under Catalina last week, backed up on my TM drive, I would be deeply grateful. Thanks.
  11. This feature is necessary, Arabic language should be fully supported, especially in mobile app where the text can't actually be written from right to left.
  12. After the update to Tasks, an overlay appeared in my left panel that covered the Notebooks tab. I've searched through all the options to make it go away, but it seems stuck there no matter what options I select.
  13. We don't get a numeric sort - this is a character sort To get your desired sequence, use the same length of characters for each number 01, 02, 03, ... 10, 11, 12, 13, ... for example 01 title... 02 title... 03 title... . . 10 title... 11 title...
  14. I'd like to be able to set the default view I want for the tasks tray (what I see when I click Tasks in the menu sidebar). Specifically, I'd like to change the default view to be "by due date" vs "by note".
  15. Happy to see external URL's supported. I want (need!) tasks to support internal note links. Action items (tasks) are so much more useful to me when I can hyperlink to supporting data I keep in Evernote.
  16. The Android count looks by character, the Windows count as numerical. By character everything starting with a „1“ is smaller than a „2“, even if followed by another number that makes it a „10“ or „12“. To drill down deeper issue a support ticket.
  17. I solved the problem by exporting all notes, and then importing it again. But started the migration to other platforms, to see which ones I likes most. Since in my opinion a file vault, or a encrypted notebook is a must have . Thanks @PinkElephant.
  18. this morning i can't login to Evernote on the IOS app. i get the "try it free during early access" referring to tasks i go to early access terms of service and hit "done" but it won't take me to my evernote anyone else have this issue? i'm almost to the point of switching apps this is so frustrating.
  19. There is an interesting lock icon that displays and disappears when moving a note. It happens in a blink of an eye. I filmed at 120 frames a second to get this image. Possible future ability to lock notebooks? Anyone know what this is?
  20. I can confirm that tag search is still broken for Android client. Usually tag search works correctly for a period after the app is updated, clear all data (complete reset of app state) or post full text search. It is as if search only works against a temporary cache built up and cleared out periodically. Just got auto-updated to 10.11 through Google Play and now tag search works correctly. However I expect it to be broken again later once the temp cache expires. Can anyone else share experience doing tag search on Android?
  21. I face a lot of issues with sorting grades by title in EN 10 Android. This app doesn't seem to recognize numbers in note titles. Most of my notes have a title starting with a number. When I sort by title, EN Android sorts it like this: 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20...
  22. Specifically I'd like a shortcut to create a new task in the web client. Thanks!
  23. My attachments show, no problem. Have you issued a support ticket ? About a sinking ship: I was concerned as probably many others when EN hardly could keep up with OS changes, back then, before v10. Since they solved the severe toothing problems of the first v10 releases, and are steadily releasing one new version every month, I am pretty sure the future looks bright. We lost some features, we are gaining others. The balance is shifting more and more to what we get than what we loose. But this everybody needs to evaluate himself, each use case is different. If you can’t do without local notebooks, there are alternatives.
  24. If you want to send something to EN, you picked the wrong place. Use the feedback option in the client, or issue a support ticket. There is an information from EN to expect an improvement of printing options with v10.16 or 10.17. It sounded as if they were now testing it and have some glitches to fix.
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