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  2. Currently, the only way to see what is available offline is to go into the notebooks shortcut from the hamburger menu. There, all notebooks currently being synchronized have a green progress bar. Problem : The progress is impossible to see. I have no idea how fast is the sync going or if it's even working it doesn't stat how many of the total amount of notes from the notebook has already been synced It looks awfully slow Suggestion : At the top of the screen, have a small dedicated space for sync progression A number indicate the amount of notes t
  3. Every time I want to view clipped note I see following page I don't use desktop app and I always want to open note in browser. How not to be asked every time where to open note?
  4. I've used Evernote since 2010 and it has always been my most wanted feature. At this point, I just think it's never going to happen. It would make my life so much easier though. Please Evernote, what's going on ?
  5. A number of posts recently have asked the question "Does Evernote v10 just work?" and a recent post drew a comparison question of the automotive sector, "Do the brakes work?", thinking it should be s simple answer. In order to use the automotive analogy the question would have to be rephrased "Does the car work?" rather than just the brakes. The answer would be, yes. The car works. But sometimes when you step on the gas, the brakes come on and sometimes the opposite happens. Hit the brakes and it speeds up. Sometimes when you steer to the right the car goes to the left. Sometimes it
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  7. To be fair this - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005597-Create-a-checklist - does show it auto turning into a checklist so not a bug....they did this *intentionally* 🙃.... But it's just wrong in my opinion. I still don't see the need to cross things out when you've already ticked the box and you can cross things out manually if you want. But to say they are keeping Checkboxes for people who don't like checklists....but then automatically change them back to checklists after I've intentionally gone to the hassle of creating a checkbox makes no sense. Please let us have a settin
  8. When sub-tasks in a To-Do/Weekly Check Box List are complete, Master task should automatically update to complete.
  9. What are you trying to highlight? If the text is in an "HTML content" box you will not be able to highlight it unless you "simplify and make editable" first. Normal text should be no problem and there is now a choice of hightlighting colours
  10. I don't think EN would class this as a bug. They have decided that any line that starts with a checklist/checkbox will be a checklist. They have no objection to you using a checkbox provided it is not at the beginning of a line. I actually like checklists but when I need a checkbox at the beginning of a line I just add another character (e.g. - or .) first and also make use of the <open square bracket> <close square bracket> shortcut.
  11. It means that EN runs inside of a framework, which is practically a browser without a user interface. This was introduced with v10. The app is embedded, the framework handles the interaction with the computer.
  12. Thank god or audio files would have been replaced by 78 rpm records and a player with a broken needle promoted as a step forward.....
  13. These responses just do not sound promising to me. When I say "Do the brakes work?", people pretty much know that means "Do the brakes slow and stop the car as expected?" and thus nobody says "Well, there are lots of different ways brakes can work and you never really know until you try." I need nothing fancy from Evernote as I mainly use it to store recipes and have otherwise migrated away. Typing, reading, saving data, pasting images, that's pretty much it. I'm worried that if I try V10, Evernote will cause my entire computer to lag and screwy things will happen with legacy and my data.
  14. Gazumped, thanks for being so kind by responding. I did as you instructed and it worked beautifully. Why I did not think of that I don't know but, that's why I am grateful for kind people like you. Cheers, Lowensj
  15. I just checked the same. Its working fine Thank you for the quick respons
  16. When I open Evernote, the application, and press F12 (Mac), I get the Chrome Dev Tools Inspector. What does this mean in regard to the Evernote app being in effect a web browser? ... does it mean something else?
  17. New home screen is awful. Everything is slow now. No manual sync. Devs don't listen. Goodbye...time to switch to competition.
  18. I have noticed that there seems to be a 'state machine' error on in the import feature in Evernote. I am using the app (version 10.9) on an Android phone. I routinely use the 'share' feature from the phone browser to save articles (I have tried three different internet browsers on the phone and they all do the same thing, so I suspect it is Evernote, or perhaps the Android operating system and not the browser, that causes this condition.) The symptom appears when that I 'share' an article from the browser to Evernote; and Evernote shows the 'banner' with the spinner icon in the 'Notes' secti
  19. Nothing is ever easy is it. I might have spoke a little too soon about how successful I was with using the Evernote2Onenote utility. If you want to get your newly imported notebooks up to OneDrive so you can access your notes from multiple devices, there's some hoops you need to jump through. I'm still working on this, but it's the whole transfer your notes from OneNote 2016 to OneNote for Windows issue (lot's of fun google reads on that). So not out of the woods yet.
  20. I agree this is super frustrating! I have a few very long checklists of books I am reading for a project and I want to be able to see the names of the books I have read afterwards, not have them stuck through. The strikethrough is totally redundant anyway from a human factors point of view. And there should be an option to mass convert something back from a checklist to a row of check boxes. Bad design!
  21. gazumped - Thanks for sharing your experience and what worked / didn't work. I'm thinking the filter options available in Evernote MacOS 10 and iOS 10 should help avoid getting long lists of search results. However, the little testing I have done suggests it is a 2-step search. - - - More testing needed. In regard to the term "focus point", the term I used for Notebook is "Topics". The term I use for Tags is "Attributes" (of Notes). After 8 years using Evernote, those terms have held up pretty well.
  22. I kind've did that for my first 40,000 or so notes, but after a while I would get such long lists in response to searches that I went the other way and I now have 300+ notebooks for each one of my 'focus points' (must find a better term for that...) Basically, everything related to Amazon is in my Amazon folder, each supplier or customer I have has their own named notebook, and current projects get their own notebooks too. I'm also one of those users that prefaces all note titles with a date, so a quick search (with a saved setting) shows me the latest entry. If I want to find out wha
  23. gazumped - That for replying. Acknowledged. - - - Good ideas. There have been multiple times I've thought about creating a Tag Group named "Pseudo-Notebooks" and add a Tag in the Group for each of my Notebooks. Then, move most my Notes into 1 Notebook.
  24. Hi. See What to do if content is missing from a note And. Having been using computers for a very long time now, I backup my files daily... just in case...
  25. Hi. As and when you find these notes, just tag them with the name of the notebook they're in? Or change the title to be "<notewiththesametitle-work>" and "<notewiththesametitle-home>" ?? I'm sure there must be a scriptable way to find all notes with duplicate titles somewhere... 😏
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  27. Hi. Sorry for the frustration, but Evernote doesn't work that way. Each device sends and receives updates from the server independently. Better to do all editing on one device, or to send the file to your desktop via a cloud Drive and attach it from there.
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