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  2. My Samsung S4 lollipop still runs EN 8.5.2 without any problem. So, the real problem is that EN refuses to download the compatible version 8.5.2 to these old devices. I also wonder where the previous APK's are archived on the evernote website? Of course, EN needs to keep the note format compatible with 8.5.2 !
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  4. The main use I see for a note app is to co-operate and share notes such as listening lists, shopping lists, task lists and interesting clippings with other users. Is there anyway to show Notes shared with me in the All notes section? If not it is should be called "My notes" not "All notes". I would like to see Notes shared with me in All Notes when I open the app on Android so I can simply: ... Open the app ... and tap on the note I want to see. At the moment I have to: ... Open the app ... then tap the hamburger menu ... then tap Notes shared with me ... then tap the note I want to see ... rather tedious. Currently, cooperation and sharing does not seem to be a priority. If there is an option to do this it is well hidden. If the option really isn't there it would be a great to add it to encourage sharing.
  5. +1 Strongly support this long awaited feature request!!
  6. jefito

    Selective Sync of Notebooks per client

    You don't necessarily need two premium accounts. I use a paid account for personal stuff, and a free account for work. I can share notebooks freely between them, mainly from my work account to the personal paid account for when I work from home. The personal account is premium because I wind up doing a fair amount of R&D clipping, so it gets most of the content -- since it would relate to most any job I'd ever have, it can go along with me wherever I work. Works fine, a couple of nice to haves. Or you could use selective sync, as others have suggested. Well, you don't need to have all of your personal notes on your corporate server. See above. Well golly -- I've devoted a fair amount of my time making suggestions, beta testing and helping other users in the forums, and never been paid for it, maybe I should complain that my ideas haven't implemented too. Oh wait, it doesn't work that way...
  7. Probably not, but the fact is, it did run on Android 5 with all its feature set (however basic or advanced one may consider it in 2018). Now it doesn't. And the feature set is yet to change. Good point, indeed. Personally, I would still prefer to be able to decide for myself whether or not Android 5 is secure enough to store my data and run Evernote, and not have that decision forced down my throat by some people in Evernote company, whose own security record is not quite perfect.
  8. shekala

    Showing time due on notes with Reminders

    Thanks for all the feedback. Hopefully this is monitored and the developers can see how much sense it makes to display the time and we can spend our time on better things than work arounds :))
  9. I commonly have used EN for years to store various file attachments with my notes such as the common .doc or .txt, but I also use others like .bin, .hex, etc. I used to be able to search for filename:"*.bin" to find the.bin files, for example. Apparently (according to my notes on this issue) I've also been successful using "(.bin)" in the past . Now none of these options seems to work for me on Win7, Web, or Android. Can someone please enlighten me as to what the trick is to perform this action?
  10. Context is maintained when adding a note. Thanks.
  11. DTLow

    Request: Pinned notes

    You identified notebooks for pinning notes. I basically use a single notebook, relying on saved searches instead. My pin requirement would be search based instead of notebook based. >> 2) Sometimes I want to edit a note, but not on my phone. If I could Pin it, it would be at the top ready to go when I got home on my computer.  This seems more like a reminder or tag user-case.
  12. Kruger2147

    Request: Pinned notes

    It would be great if I could Pin notes to the top of a notebook for quick access whenever I go to that notebook. I know there are shortcuts, but I don't always need constant access to a note(s). 1) If I visit that specific notebook, like my school notebook, I could have my main project pinned to the top, and when I leave my School notebook, it's out of the way. 2) Sometimes I want to edit a note, but not on my phone. If I could Pin it, it would be at the top ready to go when I got home on my computer. 3) To do lists in different Notebooks. I don't want to have 3 to do lists saved to my shortcuts, but if I had one pinned in my Personal, Work and School notebooks, I would still have quick access to them. I'm sure others can think of plenty of other use cases.
  13. Don Dz

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    Saw that exact bug across all my devices last weekend. This weekend I saw something I previously blamed on forgetfulness: yesterday I did several hotsyncs, today I did not see a single update show up in my other devices, till I hotsynced just one more time today (yes, the hotsync dot on Windows EN was clear). I suspect it maybe a server issue, not a beta issue.
  14. DTLow

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    The sync process is Windows <> servers <> IOS You can check your data on the servers using the web platform at www.evernote.com This should help isolate the problem
  15. Yesterday
  16. Yes, I received the same warning. Did not install Google Keyboard.... I'm willing to pay for a working keyboard, just like I pay for Evernote. But I shouldn't have to buy something to fix Evernote's programming errors. It is frustrating that Evernote is not working on a fix.
  17. ej8899

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    Sync Bug -- Still seeing sync issues in the shortcut list that surfaces when I use iOS and Windows. Can't confirm which platform really 'creates' the problem - but I end up with shortcuts disappearing as I switch between iOS (ipad) and WIndows platforms.
  18. Right click on the toolbar, then Customize Toolbar
  19. Need a Mac user to answer that one. I'm sure someone will come along.
  20. redeye

    Text Colour Not Saving

    Since using dark mode I've notice this too. Not sure if it is dark mode itself or a bug in general with the updated version. Anyway, I found the font color change sticks if I select the offending text block and apply 'simplify formatting'. That returns it back to white. I then change the color again and found that it stays. It could be something to do with text that has been pasted in from external sources having certain ascii codes in it.
  21. Noffica

    New Note be restored to the title bar

    Is this option available on macOS?
  22. redeye

    Dark theme

    I mainly use a Mac as a desktop computer and Windows when mobile with a laptop. Dark mode is great on the eyes however changing font color of a block of text on the mac (usually a light shade to contrast nicely with the dark background) makes reading that text on Wndows really difficult because you end up with light font on white background. If Windows also had dark mode I could use colored fonts on the Mac without this hassle.
  23. You can add it to the title bar, your end up with two buttons, but it is doable. Windows desktop at least. I'm for getting rid of the green one in the left panel....
  24. gumbuster

    Sync won't stop.

    Thank you for your reply! I did check the Activity Log, forgot about that one, and it was running normally as far as I could tell. After several hours it did finally reach 100% and the syncing completed. Hopefully it's all back to normal. Appreciate your input! Ed
  25. I would like to request the "New Note" button be restored to the title bar from its new position in the top-left.
  26. mcluff

    Selective Sync of Notebooks per client

    I'm considering doing what Lutherian projected, though I'm a strongly-invested EN user of many years. There's no way I'm paying for two Premium accounts just because EN doesn't let me sync only work-related folders to my work laptop. (And my company won't spring for EN Business, so this is out-of-pocket for me.) Just before I began this reply, I had downloaded Evernote onto my new work laptop, and was about to install and thought, "Nope. Do I really want gigs of unencrypted personal files on my corporate IT backup server?" It's not just a personal risk -- it's a huge waste of resources. I've supported EN through many iterations and side projects, many of which I beta-tested, offered free UX advice (sometimes on these discussion boards), and enjoyed. But for some reason this feature, which other cloud services managed to implement, this one isn't ever on EN's radar. Pleeeeeaaassse, Evernote, pleeeeeeasssse....
  27. I’d like to have more robust checklist features in all versions of Evernote: strikethrough when checked delete when checked sort alpha sort checked/unchecked move to to bottom of list when checked
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