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  2. You are missing the point. We have been using workflows based on what Evernote is (or was). v10 breaks many of those workflows. It is not a case where we are trying to use Evernote as not intended.
  3. Penultimate- I have 2 Accounts and now that Evernote has created a separation between business and personal accounts- I can no longer access my business Penultimate account. no matter what I try. The used to both be accessible on the penultimate home screen.
  4. Yesterday I tested performance while editing (150 pages document) and noticed no lag while typing. I disconnected the network and was able to proceed without any problem. Search is possible while disconnected. After reconnect, it syncs nicely. All my data is stored in a local database. Is this different from version 6 ? Are we talking about the same product? I'm on EN for windows...
  5. Yes, this is the same in the current Web version where it was implemented quite some time ago. In previous versions you could use a right click to edit the link. The current way is awful. A link should always need one click only to follow. I don't know any other application or Web-page where a double click is necessary.
  6. Exactly 🙂 I'm not going to elaborate too much, but to summarize, I don't expect EN to be a word processor or spreadsheet or painting program or ... Apart from my quick notes, which are completely edited in the EN editor, my more sophisticated content is created in specialized tools, Word, Exel etc The remaining text in the note then glues all included documents together. This (meta)data can also be searched in case the included documents are encrypted. I was also a big fan of the Top List view, but now that I'm forced to use the left pane, I suddenly realize that this
  7. Do you guys all use the Windows version of the app and did the update? The thing is, if you're not Premium you cannot contact them. Unfortunately there's no Premium option that makes sense to me. I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks a month. We need the help of a Premium member!
  8. ctrl-click may help. For me it opens the website but doesn't normally bring it to foreground. This was raised in the beta but like so many things was never sorted before release.
  9. As a life-long programmer, software architecht and former CEO of a Nasdaq traded technology company...it is crystal clear to me what's wrong with the latest release of Evernote. They're trying to "sync" the way the desktop and browser implementations of Evernote work from a procedural perspective, making both dependent on databases in the cloud--but the reality is, as of this year internet latency and bandwidth is still not enough for most people to make the "cloud-like" dependencies they're starting to use in the desktop version, responsive enough to be comfortable for desktop users. A l
  10. I just wish that Evernote would actively engage the user community with a discussion on this topic. A two-way discussion with the appropriate Engineering Manager could go a long way toward resolving the issue. We've never even received a clear statement about whether they might restore this functionality in a future version. (Note that manual sync IS implemented on the current IOS client). It would help if they would provide specifics on how sync is implemented in the V1.0 Windows client and how that differs from previous versions. I'd also like to hear why they have chosen n
  11. Dave-in-Decatur Thank you, the magic wand solved my problem!
  12. I think a different way of saying this is that you don't have a workflow that is impacted by the limitations of v10. Many of us do.
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  14. Hey guys My Evernote updated to the newest version this week and I've had trouble ever since it's insisting I unsync devices, I've done this but it keeps looping me back to unsync devices again - now I've hit my Max unsyncs and I'm esentially locked out of the app It's obvs a bug Any ideas/ help?
  15. I had the same problem, but resolved it using the Legacy Version(6.25) of Evernote. The work around is to correct each hyperlink manually using the Legacy Version (6.25) of Evernote. It took me two days and several cups of coffee to rectify around 200 dead hyperlinks. The dead hyperlinks appear as: "file:///c:/\folder1\folder2......\file.pdf". After editing: "file:///c:/folder1/folder2...../file.pdf". After syncing all the hyperlinks are working fine in the new Evernote. It now takes two mouse clicks to open the hyperlinks.
  16. I fully agree, losing data is completely unacceptable! Luckily I haven't experienced this on my windows version. After I just installed version 10, I noticed a stale note, without content for a longer time, but that was while building the database in background. Since then, it is extremely stable.
  17. If you by some reasons willing to try some Evernote alternatives this is a list with the best of them. The legend: T.ransition. App has a transition mechanism from Evernote (e.g. *.enex import with metadata). O.S. App works and can sync between all OS (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS). H.ost. The app can be used with self-hosted storage for notes in a case if development been stopped or cardinally changed the view of the product. R.ich. App has a rich editor that means you can add pictures, docs, links, change fonts, lists.
  18. I'm not considering switching, but I did revert to the pre-10 version after trying version 10 on my Windows desktop a couple of days ago. Tagging was glitchy (start typing a tag, EN predicts and presents the tag, click on the tag and nothing), the delete key on my keyboard would no longer work to delete a note and the control function to delete a note was glitchy, sometimes it worked and other times it did not. But most important was the dramatic reduction in the response rate. A deleted message (if it worked) would take up to 15 seconds to delete and again, sometimes it did not work. Dragging
  19. out of curiousity and trying to learn: what's wrong with joplin on mac? worked for me, even as I have finally settled for Devonthink and am very happy so far. Did you look at that and if so, why did you decide against it? thanks...
  20. Limitations on Current PDF Viewer No vertical scrolling 'View as All Pages' will open whole document No scope to go into bookmarks mentioned in PDF I think these 2 features enrich the PDF viewing experience and should be incorporated in future updates.
  21. Me checking out TickTick: me: tick tick Google: Tik tok? me: ticktick Google: Tik tok
  22. I have the same issue with Find In Note. Sometimes it works & most times it doesn’t work. Same as you mentioned: Most times when performing Find In Note, the Note goes dark & won’t unfreeze until I CANCEL Find In Note. PRINT & Find In Note are 2 of my most valued functions in my Notes & the productivity of those 2 features are pretty much gone in EN v10.4. I’ve read in the forum that many people take time & consideration to place special keywords / placements within their lengthy notes to enhance productivity by Find In Note search to instantly move around lengthy Not
  23. What happened to this? It was the only reason I purchased Evernote and now its vanished. My Google Calendar is connected.
  24. Just upgraded and discovered that external links now require two clicks. The first click brings up the little link interface and then the link there must be clicked to actually go to that website. Is there a way to avoid the link interface and just go straight to the website? If I want the interface then I could right-click on the link or select it and Ctrl-K or something else but when I click on a link I actually want to go to it.
  25. I am what I would call a POWER USER with over 30K notes and am constantly jumping to different notebooks all day long, so Command+J is a super important feature to me. I don't even think I can use evernote without it. I also don't think I can train my hands and brain to use another keystroke for this task - it's such a habit - I can't switch to 10 until this feature is back working how it does in the Legacy version! Please please add back this shortcut - it is imperative to my work flow! (as is command+M) THANK YOU!!! [Member of Stacey Harmon's EverDone community]
  26. Hi all, I noticed a bug that affects redirected mails to Evernote: Long time ago, I have added a new email in my mailserver evernote@domain.com which redirects all incoming mails to username.a0099@m.evernote.com because I always forget this lenghty adress. This ceased to work for some while now. I even have set up a new redirect on a commercial mail provider and there it also does not work. Can you please fix this? Thank you. Nomax
  27. Since upgrading to v10.x, I've been looking how to re-add the 'Code Block' button to the toolbar (instead of having to run through the extra step of clicking the 'Insert' button first). Guess that answers my question. Really disappointing that it isn't possible to customise. I have all this extra real estate on my toolbar and the one tool I use the most, I need to go through a menu each time now, very frustrating.
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