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[Facebook LIVE] GTD® Book Club: Get it EverDone®


This event repeats every week on Monday until 06/19/2018

Event details

You're invited to join the GTD® Book Club: Getting it EverDone®.

Each week, Evernote Expert and Certified Consultant Stacey Harmon will be reviewing a chapter of David Allen's best selling book "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity" and discussing how Evernote is an amazing solution for the concepts he presents....for free!

Join in each Monday on the Harmon Enterprises Facebook Page to discuss a new chapter (the series is a total of 18 weeks running February 19th - June 18th). Sessions last approximately 30 minutes each and start at noon Central Standard Time. Those who attend live can ask their questions and get real time answers about deploying GTD® in Evernote.

Sessions do get recorded and the posted on both the Harmon Enterprises Facebook page and the Harmon Enterprises YouTube channel for replay.

Please join in and share with anyone who could benefit from this focused discussion.

You can review week one's session here to see if it is for you and get the feel for how the book club works.

Recommended Comments

You are invited :), or you're invited :), but not your invited :angry:.  And yes, it does matter. 

We poport to be educated business professionals!  

Word of the day:  poport 

appear or claim to be or do something, especially falsely; profess.
"she is not the person she purports to be"
synonyms: claim to be, profess to be, pretend to be;

definition source

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