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Attention UK & European Evernote users! You are invited to this LIVE Evernote training webinar which GoToWebinar ranked as one of its top 100 business webinars of 2017.

Register to attend either the November 15th or 16th presentation.

Learn WHY Evernote is the ultimate productivity advantage in today's world. Gain tips and strategies for managing the avalanche of information coming at you every day.

Organizational wiz and Evernote Certified Consultant, Stacey Harmon will show you how to transform your efficiency, break free from the constraints of paper, and be massively productive on the go in this training webinar.

This FREE training "Insider Secrets For Organizing Your Life And Boosting Your Productivity With Evernote" is full of great content based on Stacey's years of being an Evernote coach, consultant, and user.

You'll Learn:

  How to fall in love with Evernote...even if you’re underutilising it right now

  The simple system you can use to find what you need, when you need it, from absolutely anywhere

  How to simplify your life by using Evernote as your “Universal Inbox”

  Easy-to-implement strategies you can use to digitise paper and reduce the amount of paper you deal with every day

RSVP now to reserve your spot and take a big step towards radical productivity.

Register Here

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