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Evernote Presents: Productivity at Work and on the Go


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Staying productive, both on your own and with your team, is essential if you want to achieve success. Especially when you and the people you work with aren’t sitting in one spot, productivity can be a real challenge. 
The right tools, paired with proven organizing and productivity strategies, can help keep you and your team on track. Join us for a discussion on:
  • Tips, tools, and techniques to stay for staying organized from anywhere
  • Ways to use Evernote to organize and collaborate on work projects
  • Strategies for keeping your team connected and track - wherever they happen to be
Who this is for: Individuals and teams interested in staying productive from anywhere.
About Evernote
Evernote is the place to organize your work, declutter your life, and remember everything. Its products are defining the way individuals and teams work today. Whatever you’re working toward, Evernote’s goal is to help you get there.
Date and time:
8 May
TIME: 6.30pm
GA London, The Relay Building
1st Floor, 114 Whitechapel High Street 
London, E1 7PT

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