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Forum Digest: March '21

Shane D.


Welcome to the March edition of the Evernote Forum Digest

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Table Editing Comes to Evernote for iOS and Android - Learn more about how we’re making Evernote better on the devices you use every day, including one of your most-requested features: table editing on mobile.


Home: Feedback and Insights for Evernote’s Latest Feature - It’s been one month since we released Home for Windows, Mac, and web. See what customers are saying and how they’re using Home to feel more organized.


Evernote Help & Learning Updates

Here are our new and most recently updated H&L articles.

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The new table feature is great, 100% more than before (well, maybe 95% if I take the prior option using [ ] into account).

What would improve it further: An option to set column width. Maybe on a small screen it could be done by selecting a column and inserting a number instead of try and drag it around. For frequently used tables allow for user generated table templates, then add simple formulas ( like sum, count, min, max, multiply cells and average) - this would take tables in EN to a next dimension.

But again - a big step forward with 10.6. Thanks to the team.

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