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Forum Digest: November '20

Shane D.


Welcome to the November edition of the Evernote Forum Digest!

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What's New?

  • Evernote for Mac and Windows 10.3 is here - Read about our most recent updates to Evernote for Mac and Windows including product changes and bug fixes.
  • Evernote 10.1 for iOS is here - Read about our most recent update to Evernote for iOS including product changes and bug fixes
  • Check your support ticket’s status - You can now check on the status of your support tickets by clicking here and signing in to your Evernote account.

Evernote Blog Updates

How To Stay Disciplined When Times Are Tough - Reaching your goals can seem impossible when the world feels out of control. Here’s how you can build self-discipline & keep moving in the right direction

Announcements Recap: October 2020

  • We are continuing to work through support ticket delays. See this post for more details.
  • See this article on how to get help with an API or direct integration.

Evernote Help & Learning Updates

Here are our new and most recently updated H&L articles.

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On 11/17/2020 at 1:46 PM, benedict heal said:

Why is this headed November Digest, but starts by welcoming us to the October digest?


It’s getting worse!  Now the November Digest is welcoming us to the September digest.  Nice metaphor for the black hole that is 2020... 

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Anybody have a clue how to sync this thing on demand?  I miss my SYNC button and I dearly miss being able to modify Creation Date right on the note. Ctrl-Shift-I completely stifles workflow.   It seems a lot slower too.

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No sync on demand in the desktop versions of EN v10 any longer.

In iOS you can pull down the left column, which forces a sync. With desktop, it is said to auto-sync permanently.

As a workaround, you could try to take the desktop offline (switch off WiFi, pull the LAN-cable). Make sure you are logged into your EN client before you do so. When you reestablish the connection, it should sync. But this is not what used to be a forced sync, which egalized differences between server and local copy.

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Is this digest intended to be like a newsletter from Evernote?

I just learned by accident that they rolled out the new version. I've searched in vain on the website for somewhere to sign up for a newsletter. I'd really like to be kept up-to-date!

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Never use real Evernote. I can't synchronize. I have not been able to connect with the support team for more than two months. (Only automatic reply mail is moved) I don’t have to use apps like garbage Never save important content. Save it to another cloud or your own hard disk. I don't know when it will disappear, and Evernote I don't know.

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If you google "Evernote Problems" it will be quite apparent that this company is not long for this world.  They've essentially dropped any efforts for customer support, and I suspect they may have let go the people who might have been motivated and skilled enough to undo the complete mess they've made of their latest update.  Just so you know, (at least until EverNote inactivates export to hold us hostage) you can quite painlessly export all your folders to your hard drive, and then import them to other programs.  I chose to use the (completely free!) OneNote, from much-derided Micro$oft.  Just be sure you have a OneDrive account (which is where your imported files will live) linked to your current microsoft account.  I had some initial trouble, but then MS support (there are actually human beings who work at Microsoft who help people) was able to identify the problem, fix it, and now I've transferred all my folders there.  The platform is a little different, but with a minimal learning curve, works better than the latest (maybe last?) iteration of EverNote.  I've subscribed for a decade, and am a bit nostalgic, but the current problem, with people kvetching on the forum, but with no power to fix things, is the antidote.  I would ask current forum participants: What would/will you do if EverNote suddenly disappears and your files are gone forever?  BTW, to import into OneNote, there's a free app called "StartOneNoteImporter.exe.  At about 1 note/sec, and thousands (5.4 GB) of notes, be prepared, wherever you go, to spend some time.  You import 1 folder at a time.  I have checked with some platforms, possibly better than OneNote, but they don't have an auto-import feature.  Best wishes and condolences to all.  I'm outta here.

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Please allow to disable the spell-checker on the Windows app. Or if it's more complex than imagined, at least put it in the list of next incoming features. It's a bit insulting to see "Ctrl+Q" announced as the next most urgent development for Evernote Windows, and not remove squiggly red underline which infuriates everyone. Everything would be smoother with a bit of politeness! Even if no one is working on it, just list it in the "next features", or better yet "bug fixes" announcements. The wait will be easier. (last reply from staff in "feature requests" forum was 2 months ago) Thanks.

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On 11/23/2020 at 5:52 PM, BobbyEvernote said:

Anybody have a clue how to sync this thing on demand?  I miss my SYNC button and I dearly miss being able to modify Creation Date right on the note. Ctrl-Shift-I completely stifles workflow.   It seems a lot slower too.

On Windows, when there's an obious sync bug, I close Evernote from the Windows tray. Same as app menu "File" / "Quit". Evernote is then relaunched, and syncs.

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The more I read about this terrible product downgrade, the more amazed I am about the gall of the management team there to allow this to happen. They deliberately dumbed down the product, even for premium users, with no notice. And on top of that, the rollout is buggy has hell. This is an all-time F up and F you to users. I will be cancelling my EN and migrating. Maybe OneNote (free) is the answer, I don't know, but EN is soon to be in my rear-view mirror. Good riddance. (User for 10+ years)

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Comments on Evernote 10.4 for Mac - just released - closed. Why? This version goes backwards - no longer possible to export all notes; a basic functional requirement. How can users protect their data locally? Impossible. Am considering moving to another platform unless this is restored in short order.

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3 hours ago, Hans Sachs said:

. Am considering moving to another platform unless this is restored in short order.

Then you can go and get the keys for a nice large U-Haul.

Personally I prefer less drastic wording. I just use legacy and wait to see when and which fixes will be released over the next months.

Talking about local notebooks, you will probably find out there are not that many options offering local storage with EN-like features these days. The train to pure cloud based services is rolling. For a Mac there is DEVONthink, on Windows AFAIK not much.

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Evernote for Windows 10.4.4 also does not sync.

I don't care whether Evernote is broken or not.

It doesn't matter what money I paid.

I am worried about my old data.
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