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Using Evernote with Google Maps on iOS for travel


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#1 blackcows


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 11:58 AM

I travel once or twice a month, for both business and recreation, and I have found EN to be very helpful for organizing plane tickets, rental cars, motel conformation, etc.   I know there are other tools like tripit for doing this but it seems like overkill and EN fits my needs.  The one thing I would like to be able to do is to keep links, bookmarks, or something similar for Google Maps.  I use my iPhone as a GPS and Google Maps works very well but as far as pre-planning with Google Maps it is not very good.  You can mark favorite places but there is no way to organzie them so if you are planning several trips at one time the favorites all run togeather.


Does anyone have a system for using EN along with Google Maps to plan trips?  I would just like to have a simple note that would link to things like the airport, rental car location, hotel, etc.

#2 gazumped


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 02:25 PM

Windows and Android Maps clients have the option to 'create' a map in My Maps - or - you can search for a given location,  so could save the search string in Evernote to cut and paste into Maps.  Seems to me you should be able to save an overview map with links below it to points of interest (which could be either web map search links or site URLs).  You can also set location for individual notes,  so could have a note for each location with local information and attractions.  Locations are searchable (in Evernote) and in the Android client you can get a map view of notes with locations nearby.


Haven't tried any of this,  but some combination might be useful for your purpose?

I use Evernote constantly but don't speak for them.  Opinions here are my own based (more or less) on age,  experience,  and common business sense.  

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#3 Extropy


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 08:39 PM

I usually collect the following for a trip into separate notes as the confirmations arrive in email or from the web:


Airline e-tickets

Rental car reservation

Hotel reservation

Customer or contact address for where I am going


I format the title of the notes like this


2013.05.05.14:40-17:25 LH 1804 Munich - Madrid Booking ref XXXXX

2013.05.05.17:30 AVIS confirmation code XXXXX

2013.05.05.18:00 Hotel Nisequenisedonde confirmation XXXXX

2013.05.06 Meeting with my favourite customer

2013.05.06.19:00 Dinner at XXXXX with YYYYY

2013.05.07.12:10-14:45 LH1801 Madrid-Munich


The reason for the date/time format (yyyy.mm.dd.HH:mm) is so that they sort in chronological order when sorted by title. The times for the rental car are just estimates and keep the notes in the right order. Electronic boarding passes go in the same note as the e-tickets. Keeping the confirmation codes in the title means I don't usually have to open the note. The return flight note usually contains an Evernote link to the first flight that contains all the details.


I also tag these notes as "-Fixed Date" so I can view in list mode only those notes that have this specially formatted title. When the date has passed and I don't need them handy anymore, I remove the "-Fixed Date" tag.


Where needed, usually in the note with the hotel reservation, I put the address of where I am going into Google Maps and make a small-medium screenshot of the area with the address marked. More than one if it is complicated.


Now, here is the trick: In Google maps, select the "more" button just under the address, and select "send". The blue text is a link to Google maps that you can copy with right click. Then, select the map image you pasted into Evernote and type ctrl-k, ctrl-v to add the maps link to the image. Then you can open Google maps with the right address right from the note.


These "Fixed Date" notes are in a saved search so I can get to them quickly - the reason for preceding it with a hyphen is so it sorts to the top of the saved searches.


Hope this helps.

#4 travelfan


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Posted 18 July 2013 - 12:57 PM

If you don't mind to navigate by APPLE Map , GoLater may meet most of your demand.  

As you see The Idea behind GoLater

though majorly the content is from clipped web pages, but GoLater can also work with the edit notes with tag address so far you follow its format g:/address.

Welcome to download and try, and tell us how you think about it.

#5 travelfan


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Posted 18 November 2013 - 04:10 AM

GoLater v1.0.7 starts to support Google Maps at in-app purchases.  You can collect all the places, including reserved hotel, car rental pick up place, train station, airport, you would like to go into Evernote, and open GoLater, see what you collected on iPhone, and tap driving/walking/public transit/street view, then GoLater will open Google Maps and navigate.  The following two videos will give you some idea of how to utilize Evernote' notes to create to-go maps and navigate with Google Maps.

Video1: GoLater Introduction

Video 2: GoLater support Google Maps

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