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Double spacing for no reason and weird formatting too


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#1 jimjim55


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Posted 23 May 2012 - 07:08 PM

Hey all,

Often, when I pasted some single spaced text and I hit enter when I am in the middle of the line, in order to put that text on the next line, it double spaces, permanently. Even when I backspace to delete the new line, it is now double spaced. Other times, if I backspace to bring text up to the previous line (creating a longer section of text), then hit return to push it to the next line, it double spaces and makes the text bold and larger. I have copy/pasted text all over. But I copy the text into a text editor and then copy it out to remove formatting. If it was formatted with html or whatever...how do I get rid of that?

Weird. It drives me nuts. All I want is simple formatting. When I do the "simpilfy formatting" selection in the menu, it actually changes the font and other odd stuff.


#2 gazumped


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Posted 24 May 2012 - 01:18 AM

Hi and welcome to the Forums. Welcome also to the wonderful world of fonts and layout. Given that Evernote is allowing you to cut from more or less any format and paste into a note, it's pretty amazing that you see any legible output at all.

Editing the clipped details after that is best regarded as a work in progress - hopefully it will get better, but the results are . . . variable . . . at best.

There are ways to get around some problems - cutting and pasting into a Word file to edit content, moving content to Notebook and back to purge codes - but we just have to live with the restrictions for the moment. I'm sure editing will get better - watch this space for details!

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Evernote read what's posted here,  and take it into consideration setting priorities;  they don't normally comment on individual cases,  or offer any forecasts or promises on whether or when a new feature might be released.  


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