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#125570 List of personal tricks and tips (for newbies) by Idoc

Posted idoc on 12 February 2012 - 07:54 PM

I have benefitted so much from the helpful advice, tips and tricks that I continue to learn on this forum that I've compiled my favorite ones for beginning users. This is strictly easy stuff for newbies and may possibly help them in forming a more complete picture of how to start using EN. This is a very abbreviated and partial list in which I describe my favorite features and how I personally use them. I hope this is helpful.


#225419 Windows v5 - please don't hide the Note Title

Posted luckman212 on 10 September 2013 - 01:59 PM

One major annoyance with the UI downgrade in v5 is that as you scroll down in a note, the Note Title scrolls away and becomes hidden. Sometimes I need to refer to or edit the title and now it forces me to lose my place in the note to scroll back to the top - please revert this senseless behavior! Thank you

#270878 Heartbleed

Posted gbarry on 09 April 2014 - 04:17 PM

(Thread updated to reflect our blog post here)


On Monday of this week, a group of security researchers discovered and publicly disclosed a vulnerability in OpenSSL, a software package that is widely used to secure online communications. They called the bug Heartbleed.


Evernote does not use, and has not used, OpenSSL, so we were not vulnerable to this bug. As an Evernote user, you don’t need to take any action.

Some of the services that we use, for example, our support ticketing system, do use OpenSSL. These services have all fixed the bug. We do not believe that any sensitive data was accessed. We are actively monitoring the situation and will notify you if we discover anything.

#238060 Please, Dark Theme

Posted Lutts on 31 October 2013 - 01:06 AM

Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme.

My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop)

No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use.


Please, give us a dark theme.


Best Regards,

Your Paying Customer

#131701 Updating a diary

Posted Don Sakers on 30 March 2012 - 12:52 AM

I keep my daily journal in Evernote, and I'm on the second year of a two-years mission to move all my past journals there as well. (I'm 54 this years and have been keeping a journal off and on since high school, so there's a lot...)

Here's what I do:
  • Separate notebook called Journal
  • Each note has a title in this format: Journal YYYYMMDD ddd (ddd=Sun, Mon, Tue, etc.)
  • I make a note for each month with a title like: Journal 20120300 Mar - in each of these I make a 7x7 table that looks like a conventional calendar, and I drag each day's entry into the corresponding cell to make a link
  • I make a note for each year with a title like: Journal 20120000 - Drag each month note into it to make links for each month
  • One last master note: Journal 000000 - you guessed it, contains a link to each year
Yes, I am way too into this. I figured that if I'm going to spend two years doing this, I'm going to do it right. New journal entries are easy, and at the end of each month I construct the monthly page in about 15 minutes on my MacBook.

I attach PDFs, images, even a few small videos and audio files to appropriate days -- everything from memorabilia like ticket stubs to meeting notes and handouts. Plus photos (if I have a bunch of photos for one day, I usually try to pick one or two good ones for the journal - all of them are in iPhoto).

The upshot of all this obsessiveness is that by the end of this year, I expect I'll have my entire life in Evernote. :D

#114269 How I use tags to replicate nested folders

Posted BurgersNFries on 09 December 2011 - 03:30 PM

On the old board, there used to be several, extensive threads that showed how tags replicate nested folders. I don't think they got migrated to the new board.

This is one thing many people new to Evernote have a problem with - the lack of sub folders. IMO (and apparently Evernote's), tags can replicate nested folders but are much more flexible.

Tags replicate nested folders this way. I have two insurance policies. One is for car A & one is for Car B. On my hard drive, they may be stored like this:

Cars --> Car A --> insurance policies --> Car A insurance policy
repairs --> repair documents here
license/tags --> license/tag info here
Car B --> insurance policies --> Car B insurance policy
repairs --> repair documents here
license/tags --> license/tag info here

Or maybe I store them this way so that all my insurance policies (home, life, auto, medical) are stored in the same folder:

Insurance policies --> Cars --> Car A --> Car A insurance policy
Car B --> Car B insurance policy
Health -- > husband

Both of these situations can be replicated in Evernote by using these tags:
  • insurance policies
  • car A
  • car B
Car A insurance policy is tagged "insurance policies" and "car A". Searching on those two tags will give the same exact results as if I had the documents stored in sub folders on a hard drive. I don't even need to apply a "car" tag

The reason tags are much more flexible than sub folders is because let's say the policy is for both cars. To use sub folders, I'd need to have two copies of the document - one in the Car A sub folder & one in the Car B sub folder. But with tags, I simply have the one document & use all three tags, "insurance policies", "car A" and "car B'. When I want to find the insurance policy for Car A, I still just search on ""insurance policies" and "car A".

#157875 How to Optimize Your Evernote Experience

Posted GrumpyMonkey on 05 September 2012 - 01:46 AM

I just passed my four year anniversary of using Evernote, and I passed the 10,000 note mark, so I thought I would take a step back and evaluate what I am doing so that I can optimize my experience. I was hoping I could hear more about what other people are doing in their accounts. Want to take a stab at one or all of these questions?

(1) What do you wish that you had done differently over the time you have been using Evernote?
(2) What are you doing now?
(3) What do you plan to do in the future?


I wish that I wouldn't have dumped so many PDFs into my account (thousands). It would have been MUCH smarter to have stripped the text out of the big ones (books, journal articles, lengthy files), dragged those text files into my account, and saved the PDFs in Dropbox as necessary. Automator (Mac) makes this easy. This would have made all of the content searchable (just like the text in any note), even when offline on the iPad, would have reduced the size of my database by as much as 75%, and might have made all of my searches occur much more quickly.

I am pretty pleased with the YYMMDD + keyword method of titling notes. I am using one private notebook and one public stack (some shared notebooks inside). I only have a handful of notes in the shared notebooks. I have no tags. I have not been using templates as much anymore, because I am working with Android, and you cannot edit files with images and the like in them. This has probably been a good thing, as it further reduces the size of notes, and probably speeds things up more to use just plain text. I might add tags, notebooks, and templates back into the mix if the Mac interface picks up some of the features found in Windows (more sorting options, search explanations, etc.).

I am starting to focus more on making notes of "notable" things instead of noting everything. Jamie Rubin has got some good advice on going paperless (http://www.jamierubi...s-the-question/), and I think I need to move away from being a "completist" and more towards being a minimalist when it comes to scanning. Up until now, I have literally been putting everything into Evernote, and as cool as that is, I would trade my sense of completeness any day for faster searches and a smaller database. On that note (pun intended), I may delete a bunch of the PDFs and images I have in my account. It feels like a lobotomy of sorts, but it may just be the way to go (jbenson, for example, keeps his database lean by not putting photos in it). I will give it some more thought.

Looking forward to hearing how other people optimize their Evernote experiences!

#197121 Windows Error Code 2732 workarounds

Posted Nicolas Dorier on 22 March 2013 - 10:33 AM

I already responded to another topic, but few people willl be patient enough to go to page 3...


For everybody having the following problem

Error (2732) as installing 4.6.4.
Or .\Boostrapper.cpp:886 0x643 Fatal error during installation.


I could not even uninstall !


Here is the Ultimate Fix

-Go to 'C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\Evernote.msi' and execute it


Here are other things I tried, but I'm not sure about the results.

Here is alternate fix, I reversed the Evernote msi, seen the logs and fixed what's going on.


Fix 1 (Try ultimate Fix above first)

-Go to folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote

-Execute the following command line in admin mode : regsvr32.exe /u EvernoteOL.dll



Fix 2 (Try ultimate Fix above first)

-Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate

-Execute the last version. (it will probably fail again)

-Rexecute the following command line in admin mode, just to be sure : regsvr32.exe /u EvernoteOL.dll

-Install only for this user C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\Evernote.msi


For the Evernote team

Your problem comes from the Unregisterx64OLAddin action.... I have no reason why.

regsvr32.exe /s /u "[APPLICATIONFOLDER]EvernoteOL.dll"


I am not sure why... but my logs show than when I execute .msi directly, then it execute Unregisterx64OLAddinNotAdmin instead, it worked. (my UAC in disabled)

When executing en .exe, the Unregisterx64OLAddin was running and crashed. So I'm not able to tell you if the fix was me running the command regsvr manually OR running .msi directly.

I guess than running MSI manually worked with because I selected "Only this user" made the condition :  Installed AND (OUTLOOK_BITNESS ~= "x64") AND ALLUSERS AND AdminUser AND (NOT ((VersionNT = 501) AND (VersionNT64))) false so Unregisterx64OLAddinNotAdmin runs instead.

#113279 REQUEST: Tagging & notebook selection when clipping with Clearly

Posted Ciarán Lawlor on 04 December 2011 - 12:53 PM

When I use the Evernote button to tag something that I'm viewing in Clearly, it would be great if it gave me the chance to choose tags and a destination notebook.

#263424 A really good support experience

Posted Bill Myers on 26 February 2014 - 09:57 PM

I know it's all the rage on the internet to be negative but I'd just like to say I had a really nice interaction with support. I had a minor issue but the support rep -- whose first or last name is apparently "Zuber" -- was really nice and took care of expeditiously. What I really liked was that he or she came across with a very conversational "tone" through the chat function, demonstrated empathy and seemed very knowledgeable about the product. Compared with online support I've gotten from other major software vendors this was a breath of fresh air.


I'm getting the vibe that everyone at Evernote is working hard to deliver on Phil Libin's promises for 2014 and it shows. Evernote is a great product and getting better. It's the only software I can think of that I really ENJOY using. 

#257014 Thank you

Posted Jackolicious on 23 January 2014 - 11:00 PM

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for using our forums and providing feedback in general. 


To our new users, thank you for taking the time to visit and post. We read every single post on here and value every bit of input we get. You really can shape direction of the product because this product is for you. (And us... since we're users too!)


To our frequent posters, thank you for providing such incredible feedback and for helping our fellow users get to answers quickly.


To our evangelists, thank you. We couldn't do this without you. Your frequent help and informed feedback is tremendously valuable to both other users and those of us within the company. We hope you know it!


Thank you.

#215475 error message: "Please check your internet connection or try again late...

Posted JohnnyJohnster on 13 July 2013 - 08:12 PM

I have the same problem. I opened Evernote for the first time in a long time and there was an update available, so I downloaded it and now I get the same error message every 15 seconds. Somethings wrong. How do I make it so that it comes every 10 seconds like Etana?


I FIXED IT! I clicked on the Account icon near the top left and clicked "Sign Out (null)." I don't know why it was "null." But then after signing back in, the error message no longer appeared. Hopefully that works for you.

#196005 HOWTO: Create hotkeys to set predefined font and H1, H2, H3 styles

Posted qot on 17 March 2013 - 07:54 PM

With this script you can press Control + Shift + 1 through 9, and it will set user defined custom styles to your selected note text.


If I haven't made any parts of this tutorial easy to follow, please let me know.


I use a lot of AutoHotKey scripts to automate Evernote, and I thought I'd share some of them. AutoHotKey is an incredible bit of (free) software that can automate anything that you can physically do with your computer. If you don't have a copy, you'll need to install it for this to work. To make sure your script is running every time you start Windows, do this.


I work on a lot of documentation in Evernote, and I wanted a way to easily set standard heading and paragraph styles. I created a little script that let's me send Ctrl + Shift + 1 through 9 to set various styles that I have defined. Here's the script, and then I'll explain how it works:


GroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENMainFrame
GroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENSingleNoteView
#IfWinActive, ahk_group EN_Windows


Send ^d
WinWait Font
Send {Tab}Bold{Tab}16{Enter}
Send ^d
WinWait Font
Send {Tab}Regular{Tab}14{Tab 3}f{Enter}
The first hotkey Control + Shift + 1 sets the font to be 16pt bold. The second hotkey Control + Shift + 2 sets the font to be 14pt regular, and changes the colour to fuchsia.
Here's the explanation:
First off is the #IfWinActive command. This means the hotkeys will only be active if the Evernote window is in the foreground.
The next line "^+1::" means if Control (^), Shift (+) and the number 1 key are pressed at the same time, it knows to run the next part of the script.
"Send ^d" sends the keystroke Control + D, to bring up the font dialog box. We then wait for the Font dialog window to pop up.
Next line tabs to the font style part of the box and sets it as bold, then tabs to the font size and sets it as 16 points. We then hit enter and exit the dialog.
For the second hotkey, it also tabs to the Color field, and types "f" to get fuchsia. Of course you can edit these scripts to set any values you want.
Simple! Hope this helps someone. :)

#188877 The key to using Evernote as a to-do list

Posted gazumped on 11 February 2013 - 12:53 PM

Persn'ly I'm with Phil.  I'm quite a long way down the road to achieving my ambition to be the World's Laziest Person,  and just reading the process above used up most of my attention span for this week..  My to-do process is:  dump everything into Astrid/ Wunderlist (I'm kind've between apps at the moment) and let it nag me when the next item(s) come up. 


I can do recurring tasks,  long term reminders and wish lists,  and I can complete jobs that will automatically re rescheduled for a set period after the completion date,  not the due date.  Someone else has engineered all these functions so the app will push jobs at me without my having to look for them.  I can monitor projects and people,  assign and share tasks and keep all that up to date from any platform I happen to be near.


I'm a firm believer in spending the minimum time on administration and the maximum time on doing - with suitably generous allowances for sleeping and eating thinking and planning time.


It is definitely possible to adapt Evernote processes to do (pun intended) all of that,  but the potential fails I see are all in my specialist area - I would have to remember to check notebooks and items,  transfer things around and assign tags - and find the time to do it,  even if I'm traveling around.


El Elefante Grande is,  I feel,  of similar mind and wants a to-do app that will 'do' more,  hence the comments.


As with most things connected with Evernote however,  the abiding principle is 'whatever works'.  So if you're currently running a to-do or GTD regime that could translate to Extropy's system,  good luck to you;  you have my respect and admiration.


I'll stick this post in my app and check back in a year to see how the discussion plays out.  OK - done.  See you then?  :P

#168215 Long time user, 1st time poster: Evernote bullet lists needs to be fixed NOW

Posted gavinashun on 08 November 2012 - 11:27 PM

I've been a user of Evernote for years, and have been a vocal advocate of it to my friends.

I'm reaching the breaking point with some of it's bugs though, with the most frustrating being bulleted/numbered lists. Bulleted/numbered lists has been broken in evernote *forever.* I use desktop version on both PC and Mac, and always updated to the latest version within a day. And it has remained broken forever on both.

The most egregious bug is that it seems to get very messed up with (1) multiple indent levels, (2) when trying to cut/paste within the list, (3) deleting in general. (Those are not odd use cases, obviously!) The bug will then have many manifestations, but the most common is a weird "space" in the bullet list that can't be corrected/deleted - it becomes a persistent gap/space, and seems to mess up the integrity of the whole list. Further, indentation levels get messed up, and sometimes the next bullet disappears.

This is an inexcusable bug for a product at this stage in it's lifecycle. The core value proposition of evernote is organization and note taking (everNOTE), and bulleted lists are one of the primary ways of doing this for many people. It is embarrassing and amateurish that a product with a massive office visible from 101, a valuation of $1B, and a recent round that raised $70M, can't have a functioning note taking feature for their note taking product.

For those out there for whom bulleted lists is one of the main things they want to use evernote for, I suggest you take a look at workflowy.com. Best web-based note taking / bulleted list tool I've ever seen, with a lot of really cool features such as zooming in / collapsing & expanding, sharing, tagging, and more. Light weight yet powerful. And evernote, you should seriously consider buying them.

Or at least fix this very basic feature fast! I've begun switching over to workflowy for many things, and if I'm going to spend my time in that app for note taking, outlining, to-do listing, etc., then I start having a lot less reason to use EN.

Note: I am being harsh because I love you!

#152028 HELP: Image capture won't allow scan to Evernote

Posted TechMarcus on 02 August 2012 - 01:40 AM

Alrighty! Not to be sidelined by my temporary 'workaround', I figured I would take another look at this issue today.
I updated to Mountain Lion, and as someone else noted, it had no effect. All Applications are still greyed out.
Test New User account (admin) same results

So being how the OS X is supposed to intuitive, I tried a simple method. I opened a Finder window to the Applications folder, and with Image Capture and Scanner load up. I simply just dragged the Evernote Application from the Finder window to the 'Scan To' drop down. Low and behold, it gave me a green plus!
I dropped it there, and now it works like it used to!

So moral of the story, just drag and drop the application! Duh ;)

Hope this helps others out!

#143262 TIP: How Sharing Works - June 2012

Posted gazumped on 05 June 2012 - 04:24 PM

There are so many questions in the forum about how to share notebooks, and so little specific information around, that I spent a while trying to condense what (I think) I know about sharing into one spot. It's highly possible that I got something important wrong, or I left out some pertinent detail, so please feel free to correct any part of this. Evernote of course will launch some updates in the next few days that will blow this information out of the water, but that's life. Until that happens I'm just going to refer all "how do I share something with my second cousin" queries to this list...

How Sharing Works – June 2012

Posted Image

* Even where the security of the note is minimal, the content can still be protected by encryption and/ or password protection if required.

** Sharees can modify the content of notes, but cannot add or delete notes or notebooks, move notes (copy is possible) or change stacks.
Sharees cannot add or change tags or stacks but can tag/ untag notes with existing tags.
Any uploads affect the notebook owner’s monthly allowance.

In all cases tags will currently display to sharees as one list – no stacking.

In all cases sharing suffers from “sync delay” – new information will not show up in a note until the person editing it has synced their notebook with the server, and the viewer (unless viewing online) has also synced. With more than two persons allowed to Modify content, this will almost certainly result in a “conflicting edits” notebook containing changes made on different version of the same note.

Evernote is said to be developing an Enterprise version that will include enhanced collaboration, but we have no details, confirmation or release date.

The current version of Evernote is primarily a personal tool designed to share some information with others. It is not designed for real-time collaboration.

If you wish to share files and allow real-time editing there are numerous solutions available from Dropbox and Google Drive to Wikis, Google Docs and other online work share options and bespoke software. If you wish to use Evernote as part of that procedure, start small and test things out as you go – the experience of sharing varies with different clients, and modifying notes is considerably less easy via mobile clients.

The comments on modifying here all apply fully to desktop clients, less so to mobile ones.

Remember: it’s possible to share two ways – if everyone has a Premium account and shares a notebook with everyone else, changes can be made to a document in a personal notebook and shared around without conflict.

(Notes can be copied from a shared notebook into a local ‘owned’ notebook and are then fully modifiable)

#192336 Password Reset Discussion Thread

Posted Pascal on 02 March 2013 - 04:36 PM

Two-step verification would be nice to avoid this type of problems

#180063 Evernote v5.0.4 - Ads?

Posted gbarry on 28 December 2012 - 05:48 AM

Sadly, we seem to have lost our ads.

This has to be the first time this has ever been said on the internet, ever.

#150601 Feature Request: Find and Replace

Posted keenerguy on 23 July 2012 - 08:48 PM

It would be great if you added a find and replace function within notes on Evernote. This would prevent me from having to use another program.